Our Past

We are a Benefice created in 1994 when the three parishes of Abberton, Naunton Beauchamp and Bishampton with Throckmorton were combined with the parish of Flyford Flavell, Grafton Flyford and North Piddle. “The Flyfords Family” has been adopted locally as a name for the whole Benefice as it was apparent that very few people understood what a Benefice was, we felt “family” better reflected the care and concern we have for each other.

And Present

Although technically four parishes, equal status has been given to each of the seven churches, appointing separate officers to each. Bishampton with Throckmorton are now anxious to come together and function as a single parish. Flyford Flavell, Grafton Flyford and North Piddle are also looking to work together. All the churches are represented on the “Flyford Family Council”, where we can share, discuss and encourage one another.

Our Churches

The Chapelry
St James'
St John the Baptist
The Peters
St John the Baptist
The Edburgas
St Bartholomews