Why Donate?

We are fortunate that there are many grants that can be applied for to help maintain and modernise our church buildings, making them fit for purpose. However, there is a vast range of expenses which need to be met by the individual church communities. Just some of these “hidden” expenses are things like printing and postage, telephone bills. We subsidise the Flyford Family News, we need funds for the purchase of candles, communion wafers with wine and insurance. We make a contribution towards the Priest’s salary and to those pensions of past clergy. Also the training of new Priests, Licenced Lay Ministers, and Authorised Lay Ministers.

The vast array of specialists in a whole range of subjects available to us at the Diocesan Office in Worcester. The list is endless, the purchase of palm crosses, Remembrance wreaths... we could go on.

If you would like to make a contribution towards these costs you can either make a one-off donation by credit or debit card using the form to the right or if you’d prefer to make a more regular donation or use an alternative form of payment, please let a church officer or Priest know and we will provide you with the information you need.

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