Flyfords Family News is coming to an end03/04/2019

Over the last seven and a half years, our parish magazine has been arriving through our letterboxes, dutifully giving us important news items, contact numbers and interesting snippets of information.

It is with sadness that we have to announce that our Flyfords Family News is coming to its end in its present form. The April/May edition will be the last of its kind.

Barry Griffin who has been a stalwart in the production of the Flyfords Family News has decided to relinquish his role as magazine publisher to focus on new things.

We would like to take this opportunity of thanking him most sincerely for keeping our Flyfords Family connected over all these years and of course we would like to extend our thanks also to Gill his wife.

Thanks must also go to all others who have helped over the years and to those who have had input.

It seems fitting that as we approach Easter we can look at embracing a new beginning in the way we circulate information around our villages.

We are keen to move with the times and put information on The Flyfords Family website for those who have access to computers. For those who do not have computers, important notices and Church services will be posted on local Church and village noticeboards.

We are still hopeful that we can find someone willing to take on the role of Magazine Coordinator for a magazine in a somewhat simpler form. If there is anyone who would like to consider this role then please do contact us at either of the numbers below.

Revd Gary Noyes
On behalf of The Flyfords Family Benefice Council

Contact: Priest in Charge - Revd Gary Noyes 01905 841563
Administrator - Caroline Ward 07514 901344, [email protected]

By Rev. Gary Noyes