Queen‘s 90th Birthday Celebrations28/05/2016

It is very good to join with the rest of the UK and Commonwealth in rejoicing with Her Majesty the Queen as she celebrates her 90th year, especially on 12 June, which is coming up fast now. There are activities, services and street parties planned across our three benefices, and I do hope to see many of you at one or other of these.

The Queen, as we are very aware, is known as the Servant-Queen. She really is the most remarkable person, and not least in the area of her personal faith in Christ. We have only to see her annual Christmas message from Sandringham to realise that depth of faith, and to get just a glimpse of what it is that motivates her. It is very obvious that her Christian witness during her long reign has been consistent and profound.

She is, in my opinion, a lesson to us all in humility, and we are, I hope, prompted to examine our own faith from time to time, and to ask ourselves what we truly believe. Without indulging in too much introspection, we could ask God to give us fresh eyes to see and receive his blessings, whatever they might be in our own personal situations, and also to see his activity in our lives in the ordinary things as well as the extraordinary. In addition, as we see the suffering and fear in many parts of the world, we can bring that to God in prayer, as well.

I commend the following prayer for your own personal use:
Forgive us, Lord, when our disbelief outweighs our joy, and our wondering is clouded by fear and apathy. Open our hearts to receive all you would bless us with, and equip us to witness to your extraordinary love in everyday life and in everyday ways. We pray this for your name's sake, Amen.

By Rev. Gary Noyes